Box of 1 Palo Santo and 1 White Sage
Box of 1 Palo Santo and 1 White Sage
Box of 1 Palo Santo and 1 White Sage
Box of 1 Palo Santo and 1 White Sage
Box of 1 Palo Santo and 1 White Sage

Box of 1 Palo Santo and 1 White Sage

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Bag of 1 Palo Santo and 1 White Sage

  • 🧘‍♀️ MEDITATION AND SPIRITUALITY: Amplifies the senses and wards off negative energies. Helps with relaxation during a yoga session.
  • 🌟 WELL-BEING: Miraculous effects of purification.
  • 🍃 INCLUDED: 1 smudge of white sage Salvia Apiana, (approx. 10 cm), 1 stick of palo santo (approx. 10cm)
  • ♻️ FAIR AND ETHICAL: Our sticks are part of a sustainable approach that respects the environment and nature. Harvested and packaged by hand, 100% cotton twine and recyclable kraft paper packaging.
  • ✅ PROTECTION: home air freshener, room fragrance, smells very good.
  • 🎁 ORIGINAL GIFT IDEA: Box for adults, spiritual gift for both men and women. To offer on the occasion of a birthday party, or a housewarming, a surprise...
  • 🌎 ORIGIN: Peru for our Palo Santo and California USA for our white sage

- Palo Santo from Peru:

Palo Santo from the Latin "Bursera Graveolens" is traditionally used to eliminate negative energies and evil spirits. In Native American tradition, the palo santo is a sacred tree. It was very often used during fumigation rituals. Its woody aromas are known to purify and bring peace and harmony. Its smell has a very relaxing effect. This magical little wood, very fragrant, is given a very spiritual image. Indeed, it will create an ideal Zen atmosphere for practicing meditation, prayer and spiritualism. Burning this stick also eliminates bad odors and soothes the mind. It is known to naturally repel insects. Palo Santo sticks leave a fresh, lemony scent.

- To purify spiritually:

Our Palo Santo comes straight from Peru, and comes from trees whose branches have naturally fallen. These sticks are then collected by the surrounding communities (never cut) then transformed into sticks.
This natural incense has the particularity of relaxing thanks to its unrivaled scent: it inspires peace and harmony. It is used in shamanic rituals to spiritually purify, chase away negative spirits and bring positive energies.

- Usage tips

Palo Santo sticks catch fire easily. The Palo Santo stick does not burn in one go. Let the flame persist for about a minute then shake the stick to extinguish the flame and activate the embers. You have to relight it several times to obtain a sufficiently powerful and long-lasting scent. A stick can therefore be used several times.

- Sticks White Sages Salvia Apiana

White sage, also known by the scientific name Salvia apiana, is a popular herb in rituals and cleansing ceremonies. Originally from North America, it was widely used by indigenous peoples in their ancestral rituals. Its main goal was to purify the mind and soul, allowing access to higher states of consciousness.

- California white sage

Our White Sage is native to California and is sustainably harvested so as not to harm the environment.

- Abalone shell

At Veegreen we do not sell abalone shell because we refuse to participate in the extinction of this species which has seen its population drastically decrease in recent years. We recommend offering alternative solutions such as handmade ceramic cups .

In Native American tradition, the shell represented the element water. White sage represented the Earth element, smoke the Air element, and combustion is the Fire element.

In their culture, Native Americans had the habit of providing good ventilation during ceremonies. We recommend doing the same when using sage. In Europe, the term smudge (ventilation) also exists and notably in many religions and traditions such as (modern) paganism and Wicca. These traditions are closely linked to the wisdom of nature and the connection with the elements.

Do not hesitate to consult our category incense accessories to see what would suit your needs.

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